♥♥ don't know why this makes me laugh but it does. Bombdiggity is a great word and needs to make a come back. My challenge to you... find a way to use it in a sentence today!




I'm Outstanding


For real!

My whole life....


Totally! haha

I so am going here!

yes, yes it would.

@Christy Burda Smith.

hahaha pretty much

I offered dating advise to my friend the other day. Being she was a friend, I had thought she would have known of my good intentions; but she didn't. I wasn't rude, blunt or harsh... It hurts me to know how much she took my words out and warped them. I saw today on Facebook a "indirect" status about our conversation which was mean. I now learned, I have one less friend.

Always happens.

Seriously, what if I can't find them?

True dat!

I've had days like this!

Every. Day.

.....and roaches....lol