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Kyle Rayner with all the rings

Green lantern stainless steel ring

If I ever had a back piece I would get these!! Black widow and wonder woman if I ever got them separate and maybe deadpool!!


While the GL one is funny, I think they could have gone with wee little Guy and Kyle :) Just cause I wanna see angry little Guy getting taken to school.

White Lantern Kyle Rayner New Guardians Full Spectrum Complete

x men art | When Asked How He Feels By Cyclops “black and blue all over. but i ...


Black Lantern Corps screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Astonishing X-Men, awesome suit for Angel

Justice League of America: Generation Lost

The various Lantern Corps - Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (Sapphire) & White

Kyle Rayner: Rainbow Lantern

Kyle Rayner - Blue Lantern

The Dark Knight vs Superman by David Finch

Superman by TONY S. DANIEL

Young Justice

Black Panther & Daredevil

Power Rings of DC Universe GREEN LANTERN Complete Corps Comics Guardian Watch on Etsy, $15.50

green lantern kyle rayner - Google Search

Lantern Power Rings: Violet (love) Indigo (compassion) Blue (hope) Green (willpower) Black (death) Red (rage) Orange (avarice) Yellow (fear) Not shown: White (life)