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Antique French child's dress lavished with pintucks and chemical lace (sounds horrid), which was produced by coating the underlying fabric with a chemical that allowed it to dissolve whilst leaving the remaining lace pattern intact. Every stitch on this dress is done by hand ... and let me tell you making it must have taken months to complete, as the ironing of it alone was enough to make me want to cry. ca. 1910

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How to Make a Japanese Paper Lantern

The lanterns are made by overlapping lace doilies on an inflated balloon and brushing fabric stiffener (or wallpaper glue, or even white glue) onto the doilies. Be sure to cover it completely so that the whole thing hardens and you aren’t left with limp spots. Let the doilies dry overnight to ensure that they are completely dry. The last step is to pop the balloon and pull it out of the opening. The lanterns can be hung with a ribbon or fishing line draped with strands of beads..

"As she prepared to make her stately entrance, she wondered if it would be all for the best--that she would have to face a nation depending upon her decision, unknown to them. She only prayed she could make the right choice."

DIY Faux Metal Lace Cuff (I gave the lace a couple of coats of fabric stiffener. Let that set for 15 to 20 minutes then brush on a metallic paint. Wipe off any excess paint so that the lace pattern is clear. Set to dry for a couple of hours and then gently remove from the bottle. If the bracelet is still to flexible give it another coat with the fabric stiffener.)

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Lantern DIY: Let there be light

Twine Lanterns - DIY Garden Lighting Ideas

What you need: How to do it: 1.  take the metal hoop and cover it all with the yarn.   2. take the tea bag, and make some tea. Why? no it´s not tea time, put the white doily  in the tea to make it look older and more natural. Then let is try. 3.  …

Handmade rustic price tags. Start with large brown paper, lay lace over top and spray paint with white paint. Once dry, cut to size

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Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week - All About Summer

Cover short with lace to make it look like a lace miniskirt with no risk to show anything you don't want to :)

Burlap Flowers... looks like it could be relatively easy. We'll still have to see if I'm talented enough for this!

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RUE 21 Ivory Coral Pink Lace Chiffon Forever Flowy Elegant Hi Dress M NWT

Rue 21 Ivory Coral Pink Lace Chiffon Forever Flowy Elegant Hi Dress M | eBay

How to dye lace! YAY! This method uses acrylic craft paint mixed with water, 1 drop of paint to 5 drops of water. always paint on wet lace, let dry outside if possible. When dry, put lace in dryer on high heat to set color.

Lace Boot Sock Cheaters. (thanks @Becky Hui Chan Hui Chan Sanderson )