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"Guns don't kill people. People kill people" Well, no shit. We want mandatory SAFETY COURSES for PEOPLE, not guns. We want MORE THOROUGH BACKGROUND CHECKS of PEOPLE, not guns. We want stricter NEGLIGENCE PENALTIES imposed on PEOPLE, not guns. IF YOU'RE STUPID ENOUGH TO THINK ACTIVISTS ARE PISSED AT GUNS, YOU'RE TOO STUPID TO OWN ONE.

I am so sick of the American "right to bare arms" being more important than the lives of people. What kind of a self-entitled paranoid asshole do you have to be? "We need to be able to fight the government"...."we're not criminals"....."there are no killings in an NRA meeting"- all crazy, faulty, selfish logic. Innocent people are dying! If they were unborn you can bet they would be freaking out self-righteous hypocrites.