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How to hand express. Mastering the art of hand expressing may seem tricky but midwife Roberta has all the advice and reassurance you need. | Kiddicare Blog

Have you tried hand expressing?

Expressing Breast Milk By Hand: Learning to express breast milk by hand is one skill you should equip yourself with. It is as essential as learning to change a nappy in order to survive with a new born.

Hand Expression - An Honest Guide to Making the Most of Your Breast Milk (Book) - #TheDairyFairy #breastfeeding

10 reasons to learn to hand express. Short post that can be a turning point for moms. Learn while pregnant. Take the fear and the unknown out of the breastfeeding relationship. #breastfeeding

How & When To Use A Nipple Shield?: Nipple shield is a thin nipple-shaped sheath, worn over the nipples and areola of the breast during breastfeeding.

10 Ways To Increase Milk Supply. Good to have on hand for when number two comes

Create your own nursing station for the breastfeeding mom. #nursing #breastfeeding

14 Benefits of Babywearing

Breastfeeding art

Food while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding moms, this is a must-read! If you ever have to pump or express your milk for baby, this one piece of advice can make all the difference in your breastfeeding experience! I never knew this!

Why I Chose to Express my Colostrum Before Giving Birth - The Healthy Honeys

The best advice on breastfeeding! Returning back to work? Want to increase milk supply? Know the tools that every breastfeeding mom needs and learn how to make it through the first few weeks.

Natural weaning (breastfeeding full term) and other breastfeeding support and advice

What breastfeeding moms need to know to lose weight safely while maintaining their milk supply!

15 Woven Wrap Carries for Nursing Your Baby, blog post includes breastfeeding-in-the-wrap tips and several how-to videos. #WorldBreastfeedingWeek #NursingCarries


Top 5 Power Snacks for Breastfeeding Moms

I'll have to come back to this if I get a bad plugged milk duct... Breastfeeding & Plugged Ducts | Tips & Suggestions for Relief #breastfeeding #bfcafe

Baby hunger cues - breastfeeding breast feeding nursing