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    The Reclining Lotus - a little yoga practice goes a long way... The woman lies on her back, legs crossed in the "lotus" position (the opposite foot on top of the opposite knee). The man lies between her legs and penetrates from above. So that the woman doesn't have to carry his entire weight, it's recommended that the man braces himself on his arms. A pillow under the woman's hips can change the penetration angle. Her hands are free to wander or to hold on to her partner.

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    The Catherine Wheel This sex position is more complicated than it looks. First the man and the woman sit down opposite each other. Now she wraps her legs round his torso and he enters her, he then wraps one leg over her to hold her in place. In order to hold the balance, she braces herself with both hands. He guides the movement propped up on his elbow.

    The Basket - kamasutra sex positions For the Basket sex position the man sits on the floor or on a firm mattress, with one leg outstretched and the other bent at the knee to maintain his balance. The woman sits astride him, while he holds her hips and pulls her onto him for deep penetration. She is in control and can vary her movements to bring them both to a climax, while he is in an ideal position to kiss, suck and nibble her nipples.

    The Snail We love the Snail sex position! Lying flat, the woman pulls her knees into her chest and throws her feet over the shoulders of her partner. He kneels in front of her and enters her, taking his weight on his hands, on either side of her shoulders. As this is a position for deep penetration, it should only be tried when sufficiently lubricated to avoid any pain for the woman. It should be very stimulating for her, especially if the man ejaculates in this position.

    The Toad The woman lies on her back with her legs open, while her partner lies between her legs and enters her. She then wraps her legs around him and uses her feet to guide him by putting gentle pressure on his buttocks in the Toad sex position. Both partners’ hands are free to touch and caress each other, and the woman can stroke her partner's back and bottom. This is a very simple position for intimate lovemaking.

    The Eagle - kamasutra sex positions The man sits on his knees , legs spread, in front of his partner in the Eagle position. She lies on her back, legs in the air and wide apart. She can relax while he hold her legs up and apart and penetrates her with varying speed and depth.

    The Peg - looks like it would be quite a feat but actually it can be mastered quite quickly! The man lies on his side. The woman curls up on her side in the opposite direction so that her head is nearer his feet. With her knees drawn up to her chest, she slips her thighs over his to sandwich his legs. She entwines her arms through his legs while he supports himself on his lower elbow and uses his free hand to guide movement in and out or to play with her perineum and anus.

    I found this anecdote floating around Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and I thought it would make a nice, short comic. Sometimes I need a break from the heavy and deep quotes and just want to do so...

    The Sidekick The woman starts with her back to her partner. She lies down on her side and he kneels behind her facing towards her head. He slides the knee that's furthest from her head between her legs and then enters her. She moves her top leg and extends it slightly in front of her to give better balance and to give him a better view. He holds on to her hips as he thrusts in the Sidekick sex position.

    The Hero - kamasutra sex positions For the Hero sex position, the woman lies on her back pulling her knees up to her chest, feet extending up towards the ceiling. The man kneels down thighs under her bum so she can rest on him as he enters her. He can use his free hands to press her thighs back towards her chest to aid penetration.

    The Slide - kamasutra sex positions The man lies on his back, the woman lies on top with her legs together. While he penetrates her she begins to rub up and down his body. The Slide sex position is pretty easy to master and he'll be surprised at how much tighter you feel!

    The Slip - The man kneels up and leans back, taking his weight on his hands behind him. His partner lies back, with her head on a cushion and her back completely flat. She bends her knees either side of his hips for the best angle for penetration. She has her hands free to caress her breasts and clitoris as he controls the movement. This highly erotic position offers deep penetration and enables the man watch his partner's reactions, whilst she lies back and enjoys...

    The Visitor - kamasutra sex positions The Visitor sex position is a great anywhere-anytime position for impromptu sex. Standing face to face, the man stimulates his partner's genitals with his penis and then penetrates her. This is easier if the woman is wearing heels or a similar height to her partner. If not, a table or work surface at the required height will do the trick!

    Forget whipped cream and sexy mix CDs — if you really want to spice things up between the sheets, try one of these yoga poses that increase flexibility, blood flow, stamina, relaxation, and all of those other factors that take sex from good to better to best night ever. Remember to breathe! Plank Pose •  Works back muscles •  Lengthens the spine •  Tones the abdomen and core

    The Squat Balance - kamasutra sex positions The Squat Balance sex position requires some skill and a fair bit of strength. The woman stands on the bed or a sturdy stool, the man stands behind her. From here, he places his hands on her bottom so that she can "sit" down and lean against his chest. Now he can penetrate her from behind, she braces herself on his arms as he supports her weight.

    The Crouching Tiger - kamasutra sex position - Sex positions - kamasutra sex positions -

    The Cross - kamasutra sex positions The woman lies on her back, one leg extended, the other bent up in the Cross sex position. The man sits down with one thigh over her extended thigh and slips her bent leg under his arm. He braces himself with the hands behind his back to control the rhythm of the movement.

    The Star - kamasutra sex positions In the Star sex position the woman lies on her back, one leg bent up, the other lies flatly on the ground. The man sits down between her legs and pushes a leg under her behind on lift her hip. Leaning back he braces himself with his hands behind his back. She had her hands free to play.

    Afternoon Delight - kamasutra sex positions This is a good resting position, ideal for getting breath back during a long session. Her hands are free for caresses and she can enjoy the intimacy of gazing into her partners eyes. She lies back and he lies on his side at a right angle to her. She puts her knees over his hip to allow gentle penetration.

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