Text Structure

Text Structure Posters and Activities-includes posters, practice pages, and a summary page; Makes text structure easy to understand!

Informational Text Structures Anchor Chart and blog post.

To teach text structure

Tone and Mood anchor chart

Nonfiction Text Structures

Cool idea for independent reading accountability. Maybe also do with comprehension strategies/text structures/narrative text elements.

Terrific way to structure extended responses to reading-- great freebie!

text structure

Anchor Chart

My Life as a Third Grade Teacher: "Pictures or It Didn't Happen!"

Text to text venn

Teaching MOMster: Mentor Monday 3/24/2014-Mentor Texts for Memoirs

Main Idea Anchor Chart

Readers Notebook + anchor charts

Contracts to use during reading for students who need more structure.

Text Evidence

SI.3.2 Determine the main ideas and supporting details of a text read aloud or information presented in diverse media and formats including visually, orally, and quantitatively. Main idea chart

Textual Evidence bulletin board. The board serves to provide students with ways to cite evidence from a text.

Thinking Maps

Reading is Thinking Anchor Chart (Article shares a roundup of other anchor charts)