WOODLAND PARK GREENHOUSE - Sumner, WA. Great family run business, best prices on plants that grow well in our area. The service and deals cannot be beat anywhere else!

Tips on how to grow garlic and get the best results from your own organic garden.

CILANTRO is an essential herb for international cooking and flavor! Sunset Magazing offers a "Better Way to Grow Cilantro," to keep your garden fresh and full for when you need it! No, when you pick it, it does not grow back; a lesson I learned.

Tuck this genius idea away for spring: use old CD jewel cases to build mini green houses around seedlings! via 2 Green Thumbs Up!

grow pumpkins on a trellis

Never Pay For Onions Again: Grow Them Indoors! This page has all sorts of interesting ideas for growing plants indoors.

Interesting idea for starting plants. Little Green houses...

Little portable greenhouses (each one is covering a bell pepper plant). Made with clear plastic sheeting, each one only cost ~6 dollars.

how to grow a lemon tree

Foods that will re-grow from scraps, haven't tried but will..

go vertical!

All you need to know for growing your own garlic, and all the reasons why you SHOULD grow your own garlic.

Growing Vegetables Chart with info about watering, fertilizing, growing seeds.

Hiking in Mt. Rainer National Park.

The Gorge

Growing your own food.

Herb Spiral - this is a great herb garden idea!

Columner apple trees- a great way to grow fresh apples... on trees that don't have branches! The apples from our tree are sweet and crisp! I'll purchase these for my place when I move.

Husky Stadium at the University of Washington. Ok so I'm biased, but seriously, how incredible is it to go here?

Deception Pass - Whidbey Island, WA