it’s true, and you know it.

Having just graduated last year from college with a triple major in marketing, entrepreneurship, and business management, I can honestly attest that group projects don't work. A group of 4-5 usually had 2 "leaders" that would direct the work, write the most important parts, and fix the bad writing and bad ideas from the others. Thus, bad kids never got better, but still made decent grades. If the English majors can write 15+ page papers regularly on their own, so can business school kids.

so true

"Children must always wear a seat belt... Except if you put 50 of them in one vehicle." SO TRUE! I always thought this was a horrible idea...

Ha ha.. So true y'all!

Hilarious truth, I gave up trying to understand some people... i'd rather devote my life to the search of the smell of color 9! It makes more sense...

so true.


So true

So true!

Major disappointment.

Too true.

LMAO this is so true for my arch nemesis and I....

so true.


Unfortunately so true...

Tha truuuf, man. Sigh..

LOL True!