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    • Bubbly Rice

      Meet the Robinsons :-). I didn't like the movie, but this dinosaur made me happy and this was my favorite quote.

    • Leah Downey

      The first time I saw "Meet the Robinsons", I was on a plane with headphones on during a late flight, and when THIS part came on, I laughed so hard and so loud that I heard myself giggling over my headphone sound and remembered that I was the only person watching the movie. Whoops!

    • Dara Roop

      I have a big head and little arms. i could watch this scene over and over.. makes me laugh every time!

    • Laura Kretzmer

      I have a big head and little aaaaarrrrmmmsss. i love this quote. makes me laugh every time!

    • Erinn Boone

      Problem: I have a big head and little arms! My favourite part of Meet the Robinsons!

    • Becky Russell

      Meet the Robinsons - I laughed so hard at this part of the movie....

    • Lisa Jimenez

      Meet the Robinsons is one of my favorite Disney movies

    • Zoe Kroessler

      my favorite movie quote.

    • Meg Reilly

      Simple Disney Things

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    Meet the Robinsons

    Wreck It Ralph! I LOVE Calhoun's lines, and it is clear Jane Lynch had an awesome time playing this character. Sarah Silverman had fun too! Actually, I think everyone involved with this loved being a part of it, and they should. It's a great movie!

    this is my biggest pet peeve.... VISIBLE BRA STRAPS!!!!!!!! haha ...ladies, please try to put in at least a LITTLE more effort.

    Oh Disney nights, and sleeping downstairs.

    "I've been DREAMING..." best Disney quote EVER!

    Meet the Robinson's

    Mulan is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. Not only does Mulan save her father's life, save her squad's life, and heck, save all of China while she's at it, she also took her happiness into her own hands instead of relying on someone else. And she didn't have to be motivated by some dumb guy to do it!


    LoL! This is my favorite Disney movie of ALL time... along with Mulan and Pocahontas and Frozen and Tangled... wow, i i never realized i like this many Disney-movies

    Haha! This is one of my favorite movies of all time!

    Stand by me... I used to say this all the time lol

    Lego Movie Everything is Awesome Tshirt by FishbiscuitDesigns

    101 Dalmatians

    This is too great...although i thought they said "creme de la creme de la Edgar..." though the word structure is incorrect...oh well. i'm tired.

    First movie that ever made me cry!

    All time favorite!!

    Kevin's a girl?!

    BEST. MOVIE. EVER @Tara Liwski

    let the memories begin ºOº