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Banyan Tree, Ft Myers, FL

This is a huge fig tree, with a wonderfully spread out shadow. It's the Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis), the National Tree of India, also called the Bengal Fig. This one was photographed in Hawaii.

Reflections: An Amazing African Tree

awesome tree in South Africa with lots of animal carvings love the tree of life in animal kingdom in disney world

Tree-Rex ...

nofound/photofair, the contemporary photography fair in Paris.©Vincent Delbrouck, Dino from 'Some Windy Trees' series, Nepal, 2010

 looks like a woman's body. crazy nature

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Axel Erlandon (1884-1964), creador de 'Jardines ornamentales' y esculturas con árboles

Axel Erlandson underneath one of his arborsculpture (Image credit: Wilma Erlandson, Cabinet Magazine) Erlandson was very secretive and refused to reveal his methods on how to grow the Circus Trees (he.

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That’s not all that’s amazing about the Coast Redwood: there are four giant California redwoods big enough that you can drive your car through them! The most famous of the drive-through trees is the Chandelier Tree in Leggett, CA

350 year old Live Oak with Spanish moss, Louisiana.

350 year Oak tree, single tree in Louisiana. by Milky way scientists