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Crowns like this were cut from a thin sheet of gold and were so delicate, some speculate they were worn only for ceremonial occasions or made as a burial ornament. In nomadic fashion, here is how the crown pendants were detached from the band. I also see a Scytho-Siberian nomadic influence in the tiny mirrored gold pendants. What a startling impression that must have made when those pendants reflected sunlight, linking the king with the sun on Earth.

"Pink Frida" Flower Face Print

Print of original flower face by Vicki Rawlins Read Vicki's Flower Art Statement Hi-resolution print on premium quality archive paper with a matte finish Because of the quality of the original art, More

Bronze age gold rings or "oath rings" worn around the wrist. Denmark. Called so by archeologists inspired by Icelandic sagas in which people took oaths by a gold or silver ring soaked in blood.

Wanli Emperor in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 A.D.), who ascended the throne at age 9. He was buried with a spectacular crown. Artists coiled and welded woven gold mesh, which served as the background to a gold dragon adorned with pearls and 20 other jewels.

Flowers, gold flowers adorned with pearls worn as decoration by the Bactrian nomads. Bactrian gold, 1st century BCE, Bactria, Afghanistan.