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Extreme 3D Nail Art..all pieces are hand-made. Ballerina, Mother Nature, Snow Globes, Egyptian, Pretty Bling, Dragon Talons/Designs by Tonya Foster


Tokyo Nail Expo Showcases Truly Insane Manicures Like You’ve Never Seen

Pinterest nail art has nothing on these extreme manicures, courtesy of the Tokyo Nail Expo.  Check out some of the glam nail art from the expo. Also on Yahoo Makers: Watch Men Try to Replicate Nail Art Designs in This Hilarious Video A 3D Printer and Flying Fingernails Make the Most Animated Manicure You’ll Ever See Regular People Try Pinterest Nail Art Let Yahoo Makers inspire you every day! Join us on  Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Tumblr , and Pinterest .

crazy nail art. they have competitions for these-3D Nail Art. Usually in Asian Countries. Its just need to see the detail and intricate work put into them.