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working women Why Women Are Burning Out Before 30 and Drowning as Working Mothers (INFOGRAPHIC)

A Woman’s Paradox: The unique challenges facing women who “want it all” Despite progress toward “having it all,” research shows that American women are less…

The Lovedex eharmony

eHarmony's Lovedex measures the UK's interest in all things love from a massive ten years of data to see what influences dating activity.

Dispersion 2 Photoshop Action  	3d, 3d dispersion, action, advanced, atn, detailed, digital art, dispersion, dissolve, explode, modern, parts, photo effect, photography, photomanipulation, photoshop, professional, psd, realistic, shatter, vfx

Dispersion 2 Photoshop Action

Dispersion 2 Photoshop Action - Photo Effects Actions. Lovely techniques and wonderful finishes. Don't approve of photoshops but want to try this method in my photography :)

The complete Geeks guide to proposing  LayZeeBee

7 celebrity wedding proposals - including location, surprising facts, details on the ring and the wedding date

8 Potentially Life-Threatening Situations in Daily Life [Infographic]

8 Potentially Life-Threatening Situations in Daily Life [Infographic]

Potentially Life-Threatening Situations in Daily Life - Infographic Pics

Sad but very true - and its a sad state of affairs. Confession: despite having been a "cutting edge/state of the art -oholic" most of my life, especially when it comes to anything tech (particularly with computers and all electronics)

life before & after cell phones. LOL, so true! I totally remember those phones and standing in lines before cell phones to play with and using pay phones. We used to have a page of important numbers by the house phone.

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Food & Health Infographics | NerdGraph Infographics

A look at health See how life expectancy, infant mortality and more compare to the early Article via Loi Smith Care Communication News

World’s longest living state leaders

Longest Living State Leaders in the World - Infographic