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I have a huge, horrible case of this. People come up and ask me if I'm okay... All the time.

true life haha

"Solid friends" are but a few, most disappear in less successful times and become a mere acquaintance.

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I want to say this at work so often.

  • Gil

    To that one really pain in the ass teacher

1) Push to open. 2) Push to open 3) Push to open 4) STAB TO DEATH. This is sooooo true.

One time I was home alone with my brother and it was at night and we were watching tv then a pizza man knocks on the door(of course we don't see the pizza) so he starts yelling at me to hide in the laundry room while he gets a knife from the kitchen OMG 😂so I just tell the pizza guy he's at the wrong house

I don't want to kill myself, I honestly mean it. But sometimes, well, kinda often, I would like to shoot my Brain. He's kind of, well, a d**k.

  • Jashei Hana

    I hate it when you're dreaming and you somehow end up falling and before you hit the ground you wake up like something startled you.

hahaha Kristen doesn't seem to have much emotion sometimes

My mother often said this...and also not to write down everything that you feel on paper ;)

Funny Confession Ecard: Crap! I just said something my mother would have said.

I should add: We have hard wood floors. I said that to a Kirby vacuum sales guy and he went away immediately.

  • tanner black

    that wont work necessarily just tell them you absolutely have no time. your walking out the door.

  • MaryCatherine Saiz

    Careful, the new Kirby does more than just carpets now.

  • tanner black

    yeah i sold kirbys for a while it does every flooring surface you can think of