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    Fido's expressive face, including those longing puppy-dog eyes, may lead owners to wonder what exactly is going on in that doggy's head. Scientists decided to find out, using brain scans to explore the minds of our canine friends.
    May 8, 2012

    "Doggy daydreams: brain scans reveal Fido's thoughts"

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    • Antonina Frolov

      What Are Dogs Thinking? The study at Emory University is in its early stages, but by recording which areas of the brain are activated by different stimuli, researchers are hoping to answer whether dogs are capable of empathy, whether they can discern emotions in their human companions, and how much language they actually comprehend.

    • Shandelyn Rios

      Wow! Brain Scans Unleash Canine Secrets — When your dog gazes up at you adoringly, what does it see? A best friend? A pack leader? A can opener? Many dog lovers make all kinds of inferences about how their pets feel about them, but no one has captured images of actual canine thought processes -- until now.

    • Creative Sage ™ / Cathryn Hrudicka & Assoc. / Creative Sage Arts ™

      Brain Scans Reveal Dogs' Thoughts — New fMRI images of unsedated dogs represent a first peak into what dogs are thinking and open a door into canine cognition and social cognition in other species. By Jeanna Bryner and LiveScience, at

    • Decater Collins

      Brain scans reveal dogs’ thoughts Research indicates that dogs are aware of and respond to human signals, especially in terms of the reward center of the brain.

    • Carnegie Science Center

      Scientists taught dogs to hold still during a brain scan. A certain "reward" area of their brains showed activity when they were offered a treat--an area similar to human brains. More scans may lead us to find out what dogs think of us!

    • Urban Sufficiency

      What is your dog thinking? Brain scans unleash canine secrets. they were able to do fMRI scans in a unrestrained dog!!

    • Alexandra Alizadeh Paulson

      What Is Your Dog Thinking? Brain Scans Unleash Canine Secrets:All procedures for the dog project were approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of Emory.Researchers are exploring the minds of our canine friends. They are the first domesticated species by some estimates since 30,000 years ago.The dog's brain represents something special about how humans and animals came together: dogs may have even affected human evolution even as humans changed dog brain evolution with training

    • Rose Carpenter

      What is your dog thinking? Brain scans unleash canine secrets

    • Luis Eduardo Neda Landázuri

      Brain Scans Reveal Dogs' Thoughts

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