Static and Dynamic PowerPoint using Shel Silverstein

Static and dynamic practice using Shel Silverstein poems

This product is an entire unit on teaching the difference between static and dynamic characters. It includes:Lesson plan for unit Static and Dynamic Chart for any short storyStatic and Dynamic PowerPoint using Shel Silverstein storiesStatic and Dynamic Short Film Prezi with HandoutStatic and Dynamic Differentiated QuestionsStatic and Dynamic 10 question test Answer key is included for everything aside from the chart (Because that will vary based on which story you choose to utilize in your c...

Interacting Notebook Templates with 1000+ blank templates for commercial and classroom use. Templates come in 300 dpi png images and editable PowerPoints. It includes photographed directions to assemble the templates. It also includes PowerPoint tutorials on how to add your own text and images to customize the template. These are great for any subject, reading, math, phonics, language arts, science, social studies, Spanish, and more! $

Character types anchor chart for 6th grade (round, flat, static, dynamic)

This can be used during a mini-lesson on characters and character development. In pre-writing, students can help to establish their main character by answering these questions---Are they flat or round? Static or dynamic? Protagonists or antagonists? Memorable or forgettable? Answering these questions helps to generate ideas for writing. Plus a little vocabulary lesson mixed in.

This Explorers Lap Book contains interactive organizers which may be glued onto a file folder to from a lap book, added to interactive notebooks, or used individually. $

HIGH SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH: Learning stations that focus on the revision process. Use for any expository and persuasive essays, including ones that require research.

FREE Prezi and Poety Lesson~ Students black out words of a newspaper article or a photocopied page of text to create poetry. The FREE Prezi can be accessed directly from Laura Randazzo's TpT online store. Your students will love using a black marker to eliminate words until they create a creative poem of their own. Take a look at this FREE step-by-step instructional lesson. Even the most reluctant student will be excited to give this type of poetry a try!

Literary devices interactive dictionary... Help students explore figurative language with fun, engaging activities! Grades 5-8 $

Use "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten to teach figurative language, tone, theme, and poetic devices. Great way to open up the year with a positive message for students.

Text Structure Question Fans - 75 different questions for examining text structure. Makes 5 separate fans (cause and effect, description, compare and contrast, problem and solution, and sequence), or clip them all together with a binder clip and hang from a hook for easy storage. $

ELA Common Core State Standards Grades 6-8 Full Size Binder Flip Charts 3 PDF files. Comes with directions, standards, binder cover and spine label-Grade 6 -Grade 7-Grade 8 An additional PDF contains a binder cover and spine label for "Grades 6-8" -8.5x11-place in a binder-bring with you to PLCs-gift for a student teacher or new teacher-supplement to help along a veteran who is implementing the CCSS. ALL STANDARDS have:-their own page -their own tab-a color for that standard.

Greek and Latin root word graphic organizer.

"Sentence Structure {5 Lesson BUNDLE}"

Literature Analysis Using Socratic Circles: Providing a framework for analytical creativity, Socratic Seminar nurtures deep thought through dialogue while encompassing many of the Common Core State Standards for reading, speaking, and listening. This strategy targets competence in analysis aligned with common core standards and expectations. Includes exemplars (questions) from American and world literature. Grades 9-12 $

Technology Exit Slips

Reading literature interactive notebook for grades 6-9. Perfect for any novel or short story throughout the entire semester.

Academic vocabulary units for high school and middle school English students.

This Revolutionary War Lap Book contains interactive organizers which may be glued onto a file folder to form a lap book, added to interactive notebooks, or used individually. $

Do you have a difficult time getting your kids excited about math? I know I do! Have you ever heard, “What do I do now?” I gave this to my 4th graders on a Monday after they had finished their work. After a little while, even my students that don’t like math were asking if they could have a copy of it. Students that HATE homework were asking if they could take it home to finish it.