Tove Jansson

Beatrix Potter...sure, she created those priceless books, but with the money they earned she bought huge tracts of land and entire villages to preserve their history! The National Trust is forever indebted to her!!

fish hat swimming cap extravaganza

10 of Spades - Fabian Ciraolo. It's like a Lisa Frank dream on lsd.

Zelda Boden, circus performer, ca. 1910

Art by Tove Jansson

Virginia Woolf

Tove Jansson

London : Ernest Benn Limited ; New York: Henry Z. Walck, Inc. Fourth Impression, 1967. Hardcover. 170 pages ; illustrations ; 22 cm. Price clipped dust jacket,

camille claudel 1864- 1943 posing for auguste rodin


Moomin's Love <3

Salvador Dali | by Robert Whitaker

Giuseppe Verdi by Giovanni Boldini 1886

postcard by Tove Jansson

Emily Carr ...Canadian Painter and author; This is how I want to live out my life. Enjoying my passions until the very last second.

Photo of Jane Burden Morris, 1858. Posed by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Jane Morris was an English artists' model who embodied the Pre-Raphaelite ideal of beauty. She was a model and muse to the artists William Morris, whom she married, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Tove Jansson

From the publisher: "Who Will Comfort Toffle? is the timeless, magical tale of the wistful wallflower, Toffle — too shy to speak to anyone and too fearful of the world he is watching from afar. Lonely and sad, Toffle runs away from home and watches the magical cast of Moominvalley — Mymble, My, Snufkin, the merry whompses and the Fillyjonk — celebrate and enjoy life. His insecurity continues to only serve his isolation until he has the courage to overcome his fears by reaching out to another frightened introvert, the mesmerizing Miffle. Who Will Comfort Toffle? is an endearing, introspective story that will speak to readers of all ages who have only needed a friend to pull them out of their shell." Measures 8.3" wide X 11" tall, hardcover, 24 pages. Full-color printing. Translated into English by British poet Sophie Hannah, with help of a literal translation by Silvester Mazzarella.

Frida Kahlo

honeybon: as an adult I still idolize Eloise. I feel as if I can’t be a proper Darling until I conquer a hotel in the manner in which she conquered the New York Plaza !!