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"It's all about the inside, please handle with care", embroidered hearts~Design & Image © Alexandra Drenth, 2015

Father Frost and Snow MaidenFather Frost Biscuit porcelain. Real silk, viscose, velvet. Orenburg knitted downy shawl. Traditional Russian Vologda laces. Silk braid. Srtasses, beads.Hand-painting. Limited edition of 50; 25,5 tall Snow Maiden Biscuit porcelain. Real silk, artificial silk, gas. Orenburg knitted downy shawl. Traditional Russian Vologda laces, hand embroidery with glass-beads.

Fairy God Mother doll by Alexandra Koukinova Biscuit porcelain, chiffon, beads, mohair. Hand embroidery in gold threads. AppliquÎ' work by elements of a lace. The dress is decorated with more than 1500 imitation stones. The wig and jewelry are executed under the special order. Hand painting. Limited edition of 7; 23“ tall

Anna Anna’s costume is a holiday suit of Moscow province. Biscuit porcelain, silk, hand embroidery, hand painting. Hand knitted laces. Limited edition of 50; 22,5“ tall By ALEXANDRA KOUKINOVA ART DOLLS

March \\ The author of dolls - Alexandra Kukinova \\ "Alexandra" Company was created in 1989 in Moscow . Company "Alexandra" creates exquisite hand made porcelain art collection and souvenir dolls, which are fulfilled with historical reliability, unexcelled mastery and top quality. \\