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  • Damiana Seabrook

    Raccoon blowing a kiss

  • maurainelle

    Racoons have extremely dexterous front paws. Because of these hyper sensitive paws, the most important sense for racoons is touch. A racoon's brain is uniquely tuned for the sense of touch. Almost two-thirds of the area responsible for sensory perception in the raccoon's cerebral cortex is specialized for the interpretation of tactile impulses, more than in any other studied animal.

  • Venezia Yule-Lutin

    Raccoon "Oh my God ! "

  • kasey Cort

    raccoon: Animals are truly amazing creatures. I wonder, what did it see? next meal? or Sunset? or Love of it's life? How adorable is this. Report Abuse to animals be their voice against tortures many receive.

  • John Scott

    Oh my Raccoon #Animal #Humor

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This just makes me smile lol. What could he possibly be so angry about? Lol

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Eeeek I love him -raccoon ♥

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