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Traffic! It happened in Abruzzo.

Abruzzo Italy

San Boldo Pass, Italy San Boldo Pass or Passo San Boldo is a small amazing mountain pass located in the Italian Veneto region between the towns of Trichian and Tovena. The mountain pass was previously known as Passo Sant’Ubaldo and Umbaldopass.

Excuse me, Mr. Road.

Funny pictures about Silly Earth. Oh, and cool pics about Silly Earth. Also, Silly Earth.

Sheep Switchback, Blatten, Switzerland

Sheep zig-zag up trail in Switzerland! A flock of alpine sheep walk on a cliff path on the way from summer grazing high above the Aletschgletscher glacier down to Belalp in the canton of Valais,.

Gorgeous..someday I'll be there.Locorotondo. Puglia. Italy

Ancient streets of Locorotondo, Puglia - Italy - Will probably never see the real thing but this is beautiful!

Stonehenge under the stars

Was Stonehenge a temple for sun worship, a healing centre, a burial site or perhaps a huge calendar? Surrounded by mystery, Stonehenge never fails to impress.

Äscher Cliff Restaurant and Guesthouse, Switzerland.

Oh for a house like this x Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchlil (restaurant/inn), Appenzellerland, Switzerland!

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turnip rock, port Austin Michigan, eroded rock, trees grown on rock, lake Huron…

Renndolsetra, Norway

Renndølsetra, Norway Can't beat Norway when it comes to beauty in all things natural landscape and green roofs to complement their surroundings.

Sometimes I think it gets harder to get around Shropshire.the roads seem busier and and hard work to get around. This made me thingk again. Bus travelling through Tranda Dhank, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Sheep in New Zealand

If there's one thing NZ is known for, it's sheep We've got a ton of 'em. Lucinda, from the Kindred Series, grew up on a sheep farm and often revisited the lambs in the fields in her dreams with Michel.

World’s scariest job? Meet the workers building a 3ft-wide wooden road on a vertical cliff face...

World’s scariest job? Meet the workers building a 3ft-wide wooden road on a vertical cliff face

World’s scariest job? Meet the workers building a wooden road on a vertical cliff face.