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BABIES IN A BLANKET (ANGULOA UNIFLORA) - 17 Flowers You Wont Believe Actually Exist.

"Just Being A Beach Bum!" Lucky Bay, Near Cape Arid, Western Australia.

from Mail Online

The South American flower that looks like a monkey (and hopefully smells sweeter)

The 'monkey orchid' is usually found in the cloud forests of Peru and Ecuador in South America

from Prophoto Online

Bühne frei für die Natur - photokina

Naked Fairy Orchid

Philip Island, Australia...The march of the fairy penguins. Every night, hundreds of them come ashore and go to their burrows in the sand. They are so cute, and you get to watch them and walk on this boardwalk right next to nesting penguins.

Diphylleia grayi (Skeleton flower), Grays Diphylleia or Umbrella Leaf ~ The petals become transparent with the rain.