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Erik moselor

Erik moselor

Julio cortizar

Julio cortizar

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People ask me all the time why im cold or why I dont trust. Because we all live in a world where hurt betrayal and lies are what I expect from everyone. So dont expect me to trust you or be nice to you because that's just not who I am anymore.

Survive now, Cry later.

You would not believe how much it takes to survive on any given day. Just keep your head up. Don't look down and you won't fall. Every day, I'm standing at the edge of my life. Just survive. Later, when no ones around, I can cry.

I like to be left alone sometimes. No I'm not angry, no I'm not sad, I just like to be alone. Lessons Learned In Life

Stop existing, start living

To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist, Oscar Wilde

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These are great things to remember!

The most important thing is to remember that being healthy is a lifelong endeavor, so don't worry about mistakes or the past, move forward and create a better future for yourself! For more nutrition tips and tricks go here.

Michelle, my love for you is true

A variation on 'if it's meant to be . This time it would have to be the comeback story of all comeback stories. She's not strong enough, and even love has its limitations.

This is so true why give them the benit of the doubt if their showing you with their actions how they are!

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No Matter How Serious Life Gets

No Matter How Serious Life Gets (Live Life Happy)

No matter how serious life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid with. Or 2 people A&P