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An invitation to create caterpillars from Playdough and enhancements. Encouraged lots of mathematical talk and discussion too!

I love this book 'blossom buddies' and it really inspired my nursery children to create and experiment with enhancements. I tried it both with plasticine and with play dough and they got on a lot better with the play dough :)

Children cutting out leaves from wallpaper and creating caterpillars with sponge covered cotton reel. Great for counting and saying how many altogether (Cardinal Principle)

We often do this to create textured backing- stick lots of coloured tissue etc on and the. Experiment with paint using a variety of tools on top. We will cut leaves and stems out of this for our flower display :)

Laminated lady bird poster and ladybird nuggets for counting, matching and subitising. To be developed throughout the week.