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Dont know if it works or when I would use it. But heyyyy.

Use Scotch tape and scissors with designs for nails. Easy! Can be used for French tips to

Here's how to repair split fingernails--try it, it really works!

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DIY: Fix a Split Nail with a Teabag! - Video tutorial

No need to cry over a broken nail! Here's the quick fix you need to have a perfect manicure in less than a minute.

To have healthy nails you have to take very good care of them. There are a few tips that can help you go from brittle fragile nails to healthy nails. These

We put our nails through a lot and before we know it, they're brittle and constantly breaking. We put together a 10 day detox challenge that will transform your nails into strong, healthy ones!

15 Easy Summer Inspired Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners