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Classic Vienna Apple Strudel or Wiener Apfelstrudel

Cabanossi -////ˌkæbəˈnɒsi/ is a type of dry sausage, similar to a mild salami. It is made from pork and beef, lightly seasoned and then smoked. It traditionally comes in the form of a long, thin sausage, about 30 centimetres (12 in) long, and 2 centimetres (0.79 in) in diameter. Variations include chicken & duck cabanossi.

Top 30 Proven and Tested HUNGARIAN Recipes For Every Member of The Family: Tried and Guaranteed To Work Top Class, Most-Wanted And Delicious Hungarian Recipes You Will Never Ever Forget by Keith A. Pipkin,

Hungarian Strudel, filled with sour cherry or peach or cottage cheese or with anything tasty.

April's Country Life Blog: Cooking Real Polish Sausage


brze prhke kiflice (7)

Hungarian Lekváros tekercs (Rolled up soft sponge cake filled with jam)

Hungarian Zserbo Szelet - (Gerbeaud Slice) - layers of sweet yeast pastry, ground walnuts, apricot jam, cocoa and rich, dark chocolate glaze,

Esterházy torte is a Hungarian and Austrian cake named after Paul III Anton, Prince Esterházy, a wealthy prince and diplomat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It has become one of the most famous cakes in Europe.[citation needed] It was invented in the 19th century in honor of Prince Esterházy. Esterházy torte consists of buttercream sandwiched between four to five layers of almond meringue. There are, however, many different recipe variations.

Almás Pite; Hungarian Apple Cake

Hungarian Lekváros Bukta or Bukta (baked sweet buns filled with jam, túró or ground walnuts).

Madártej (Floating island, a dessert made of milk custard with eggwhite dumplinds floating on top).

vaníliás kifli is a small soft cookie made from a dough of ground nuts, instead of flour. It is usually made with walnuts but almonds are more often used outside of Hungary. Once baked they are rolled in vanilla flavored confectioners' sugar before allowed to cool.

Fánk is a sweet traditional Hungarian doughnut. The most commonly used ingredients are: flour, yeast, butter, egg yolk, a little bit of rum, salt, milk and oil to deep fry with. After the pastry has risen for approximately 30 minutes the result is an extreme light doughnut-like pastry. Fánk is traditionally served with powdered sugar and lekvar, Hungarian thick jams; either apricot or plum.

Kolache (Koláče) recipe - Slovak Cooking

Kijevi krémes recept – Puha, egyszerű és mennyei finom!

Adventures in Cooking: Hungarian Mushroom Soup RECIPE ON SITE

Hungarian Summer Pickles. My father makes these each year.

Slovak homemade sausages - the best!

Hungarian Raspberry-Cream Roll Cake - © 2009 Barbara Rolek licensed to, Inc.

slovak nut roll-- tender bread filled with chopped nuts and brown sugar. This looks similar to what Max's grandma makes - yum!


Kiffles - traditional Hungarian cookies made from a rich sour cream dough and filled with jam or nuts.

Pillow soft poppy seed buns, they are so heavenly. Your home will smell good for hours.