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SonaTale - Heat by xX-AirinNix-Xx on DeviantArt

SonaTale - Heat by xX-AirinNix-Xx on DeviantArt


*makes a sad kazoo sound* i post lots of sansby and lots of sin my deviantart is…

Undertale & Underswap

Undertale & Underswap

... My friend told me to leave the room when I told an Aladdin pun @_@

My friend told me to leave the room when I told a pun

undertale sans and swap!papyrus | Tumblr

undertale sans and swap!

Undertale Neutral Song - Unaligned

"Unaligned" by NateWantsToBattle (Undertale Neutral Run)

(P)undertale Chara

(P)undertale Chara Meh, not appetizing at all. Those churros look a little CHARRED *ba dum tiss*


Undertale,Toriel and Chara or Frisk? Not sure but sure looks good tho

Aries << Taurus. No, guys, please bring more incidental music

I am the very cool online guy!

lol well solve this sans

You start laughing uncontrollably


mettaton undertale x Kill la Kill

img0.reactor.cc pics post Undertale-%D1%84%D1%8D%D0%BD%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%BC%D1%8B-Undertale-gif-Sans-3385054.gif

UT gifs - Hustling Fish-lady and Skeleton>>> I AM DYING Who made this because it's actual comedy gold?

Undertale Frisk and Chara

Dumb luck and deal with the devil

hola, este es mi primer "libro" espero que os guste -Los comics… #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad

Comics SansxFrisk

Part two of my shippp

undertale, tumblr

Grill or Bees?

Undertale, frisk

What if Frisk actually needs glasses? Like the purple soul? And that's why her eyes are squinty?