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    The JoeyBra Doubles As A Handbag! Wow Or WTF!?

    Rare is the product that makes me think, "Is this a completely genius invention I've been missing my entire life, or a solution so in search of a problem, it's embarrassing?" I can't quite tell...
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    I'm sorry I couldn't answer your call light in a timely manner. I was busy charting that I couldn't answer your call light because I was busy charting

    True life

    If only I could find my shears!

    Of course I'm not tired - I only work three days a week! ... Said no nurse ever.


    That's an accurate scale.

    Elderly couple accidentally record themselves while trying to figure out how webcam works.

    Oh man this cracked me up!

    sounds about right.

    Ha! anyone else wondering why daniel radcilff looks like skeletor??


    for real.

    I think I know some ladies who would, not only use it, but love it lol

    Everything I need to know, I learned from DJ Tanner.

    this article about Disney Prince top 5 brought back some serious nostalgia and also some laughs!

    oh tobias.....

    for real!...this cracked me up.


    hahaha seriously