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    Shower Heads That Prevent Burns The HotStop Shower Head ($25, 877-531-7470) and Antiscald ScaldShield Shower Device ($35, 718-268-7126) prevent scalding by slowing the shower flow once the water temperature gets too hot. The flow restarts when water gets cooler.

    Bluetooth Shower Head by Kohler with Removable Speaker - Moxie | Shower Fixtures

    Anti-slip rectangular #shower tray TERRAN by ROCA #bathroom #minimal

    Walk in shower

    Monogrammed Shower Curtain how cute is that!

    #ADA #Design #architecture I like this pre-fab design but am concerned with the smoothness of the bench and safety. A swing up bar on the outside edge of the seat would assist with safety and prevent user from falling off the bench and out the shower.

    THE SECRET TO A SPARKLY SHOWER {IN 1 MINUTE OR LESS}. Tired of scrubbing your shower each and every week? This daily ritual is quick and simple and will take all the back-breaking out of keeping your shower clean.

    Trench drain catches water before it comes out of roll in showers. And they look great!

    accessible shower

    Shower Dam for a Wheelchair Shower Keeps Water Inside the Shower

    I need this..

    Tornado Body Dryer

    Wheelchair Accessible Showers - The Flume Bathtub is Made for the Physically Challenged (GALLERY)

    Universal design shower with slip resistant flooring by Neal's Design Remodel.

    Great sensory activity, water like a rainbow

    LED faucet illuminates hot, cold and room-temperature water.

    25 Tricks for Simplifying Your Move

    DIY Tutorial: How to Fix a Large Drywall Hole. Oops - a swinging door, falling chair or indoor hockey game left a big hole in your wall. We'll show you how to patch the hole yourself.

    The easiest way to hang a picture

    50s Handset for the iPhone