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Shower Heads That Prevent Burns The HotStop Shower Head ($25, 877-531-7470) and Antiscald ScaldShield Shower Device ($35, 718-268-7126) prevent scalding by slowing the shower flow once the water temperature gets too hot. The flow restarts when water gets cooler.

Anti-slip rectangular #shower tray TERRAN by ROCA #bathroom #minimal

LED faucet illuminates hot, cold and room-temperature water.

Bluetooth Shower Head by Kohler with Removable Speaker - Moxie | Shower Fixtures

Walk in shower

Fall Prevention for Seniors: Tips to Prevent Falls at Home Infographic

Monogrammed Shower Curtain how cute is that!

#ADA #Design #architecture I like this pre-fab design but am concerned with the smoothness of the bench and safety. A swing up bar on the outside edge of the seat would assist with safety and prevent user from falling off the bench and out the shower.

Our dear friend Grace Bonney shares her tips on keeping a clean home in her Home Ec series. Spoiler alert: she turns to Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home book for some advice.

Open shower with easy access.

Driven By Décor: 20 Rule of Thumb Measurements for Decorating Your Home!

Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren't

The Friendly Home: A better looking return air grille. What a good idea.

31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home (some of these are amazing, must try)

Trench drain catches water before it comes out of roll in showers. And they look great!

accessible shower

Zero's Wheelchair Accessible Shower Threshold is designed for showers without a curb or door - the rubber gasket in the threshold keeps water in the shower pan. The rubber gasket collapses under the wheels of a wheelchair and springs back up to contain water. >>> See it. Believe it. Do it. Watch thousands of SCI videos at SPINALpedia.com

Shower Dam for a Wheelchair Shower Keeps Water Inside the Shower

Tornado Body Dryer

Universal design shower, you could roll a wheel chair into it, no rim etc...

THE SECRET TO A SPARKLY SHOWER {IN 1 MINUTE OR LESS}. Tired of scrubbing your shower each and every week? This daily ritual is quick and simple and will take all the back-breaking out of keeping your shower clean.