a guide to hanging photos part 1


Hanging photos – different alignments

photo frame arrangement

Each #gallery will work great on a Dark or Light wall and for the bright #colorful walls try using all black and white photos, it will bring out the contrast in both the photos and the wall.

Frame arrangement

Picture framing layout

One of the hottest design trends right now are those Chic Eclectic Art Gallery picture arrangements for your home. This stylistic form of hanging artwork is a fantastic way to showcase a grouping of your family photos or an artwork collection, and gives you the ability to display several pieces of various size within a relatively small footprint.

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great photo wall

I really would consider doing this for the blank spot (huge i might add) in my living room.

Wall art hanging tutorial. This is based on things like furniture size, frame size. A great go to before you start hanging lots of pics.

Hanging Pictures.

great ideas

pre-plan a feature wall of pictures with paper

Geometrical arrangement: Remember to give to the most important piece a central position, just at the eye level... Then, separate 2 frames with same size by a smaller one. This give to your lay-out rythm and energy.

Photo Wall

This site has some good wall ideas.

Wall with frames

Picture hanging ideas....