"Drawing water" from the well ~ memories

Wishing well; definitely nice to put in the front yard for visitors to donate!

wishing well

Garden well

Because every back garden needs a wishing well.

Country well

❀ ❋ ❁ Delightful ✾ ❁ ❃

Wishing well. I love all the different varieties of succulents that has been used.

Wagon wheel. Ive seen these at Garden Ridge. Maybe I could doe something like this near the fence or driveway.

Sacred Well: Wishing Well. The tradition of tossing coins into wishing wells derives directly from the practice of ancient peoples to make offerings to the Gods and the Goddesses at Sacred Wells.

Spring's Wishing Well - garden ideas


Old Water Well

garden water feature - Stone rill , a peaceful spot.

Natural trellis & rail. Love the stone steps..


beautiful wildflower garden surrounding old water pump

Garden steps, love the way this is laid out! ********************************************** Dishfunctional Designs - #gardening #garden #design #outdoor #steps #stairs #path #slope #DIY - tå√

Love this wishing well!

Garten - Trockenmauer - Naturstein - rock wall

garden fountain