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A tiny cob house

Tiny Cob house, Denmark, made by my cob teacher

元美術教師が建てた【約3万円】コブハウスを作る9個の裏技 | THINK FUTURE                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

A farmer has spent 2 years building this cosy house out of mud, clay and straw - all for less than Michael Buck didn't even use a single power tool to make his home near Oxford.

On Canada's Vancouver Island you will find this [www.naturalhomes.org/winckler.htm] a beautiful example of storybook architecture built by two creative natural builders, Timothy and Daniel [www.lindcroft.com]. The cottage was built with local douglas fir, logged and cut with a portable sawmill. The roof is cedar shingles (shakes) hand split and steamed to make them supple enough to follow the curves of the roof.

Storybook architecture on the shores of Vancouver Island, Canada - created by Timothy Lindberg and Daniel Huscroft : naturalhomes

tiny cob house - if we had the space, a small backyard house would be so awesome for guest or privacy space.

tiny cob house - a small backyard house would be so awesome for guest or privacy space.

Have you ever seem ANYTHING like this? 45 Cozy Cabins You'll Want To Hide Away In Forever

Modern Cob House - Sustainable, Fireproof, and resistant to seismic activity. Cob house for lyfe


Picturesque cottage with the red door.

Natural Homes Heidi's roundhouse in Finland [more pictures here www.naturalhomes.org/treeoflife.htm] It has an earthbag stem wall with a birch bark damp proof membrane to protect the straw bale wall on the north side of the house and cob and cordwood walls on stone on the south side. The green roof is supported by round timbers that interlock in a self supporting ring. It's known as a reciprocal roof [some examples here www.naturalhomes.org/fbr.reciprocalroofs].

Cob & Cordwood Cottage in Finland, Heidi Vilkman’s cob and cordwood cottage in southern Finland. Beautiful flowing motifs in the walls, a living roof, whimsy and artistry everywhere you look.

Vancouver cob house

Vancouver Cob House- Love the style, but not convinced I want to live in one.

giant pumpkin ideas | Getting ready for the Giants

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater, had the most darling little WBFP, den with a view. I want an "F'n" Pumpkin House! This just became my new dream ;

Magic Mushroom House, Aspen Colorado. I really like this intimate living room around the fireplace. The 6,000 square foot house has no corners.

Magic Mushroom House Built Under the Influence of Hallucinogenic Drugs

The Magic Mushroom House in Aspen, Colorado is a beautiful multi-level home designed by Andre Ulrych in the who was said to be under the influence of the hallucinogens: “magic” mushrooms and LSD.

mushroom house - my dad told us stories about a family that lived in a mushroom house...

mushroom house - my dad told us stories about a family that lived in a mushroom…

Mushroom House Embroidery PATTERN by alittlesweetness on Etsy, $5.00

Mushroom House Embroidery PATTERN

motleycraft-o-rama: “ Mushroom Embroidery Pattern, from A Little Sweetness on Etsy.

fairy houses

Members Area Tutorial: Create A Fantasy Mushroom House Photo Manipulation

fairy houses

Rustic Scandinavian House With Character - What is this? A fireplace?? Can I have one??

A Rustic Scandinavian House

two room hearth.

Anton Pieck... reminds of the mushroom houses I would draw as a child

Mushroom Village - Tales of the Efteling by Martine Bijl and Anton Pieck by KathleenTo

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Maybe Mushroom

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