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New helmet! #iamspecialized #evade #cycling #womenscycling

Julia Favero | So today I'm 28. And I'm sunburnt. Oops. ‍♀️❤️☀️

Julia Favero | ✨It was totally worth waking up at 5am ✨

Julia Favero | Amira ❤️🚴💨 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. • foto: Pedro zero um

Julia Favero | Caught gramming, but I can't blame him 🙌😍 ALSO I finally got a @garmin and tried it for the first time today. At the end of the ride it was saying that I should recover for 46 hours! (whattt?) Is that normal?!

Julia Favero | Latest addiction 😍: • @leviscommuter for looking sharp while riding ✨ • @oakley cap to protect myself from the summer fire ball ☀️ • @iamspecialized_road shoes always 💅 •@stravacycling Premium : coolest thing ever when you have a bike computer 🏆 • x @bellroy weather resistant phone case 👌 • @garmin : DATAAA 😍 • : sockdoping (thanks @bicyclingaround 😘)

Julia Favero on Instagram: "Today I forced myself to ride in the rain and it was so worth it! I discovered new roads, saw some goats in the middle of the city (!!), visited a historic neighborhood and had a delicious Brazilian dessert and coffee at an amazing place. Life is happening outside and beautiful things are waiting for you out there. Go ride! Even if you don't feel like. It's always worth it. Always! You can check out the goats on my Snapchat -> julia-favero unreal! "