dream catcher necklace. polka dot tights leggings. whole outfit it perfect. the confidence and style that can pull this off is awesome.

Polka Dots

Love this look.

That indie fashion, punk or whatever it's all the same thang c:

polka dots - orange and blue + layers

love her #tights

Love this.

Love the layers

grey tights + brown cardigan & boots

Adorable outfit • black mini skirt • black high boots • leather jacket • black scarf • dotted black tights • blue skimpy top •

White and Gold polka dot pencil skirt | Jane

Lazy but cute outfit

Loooooove. if I had cute legs I would wear this. But...alas. Maybe with leggings?

Love these tights.

hate the uggs LOVEEEE those tights!!!

Lace & Neutrals

love this