so sweet

Sunny and ADORABLE BABY HORSE!!! All the baby horse wants to do is cuddle. :) "This is the best day of my life."

Twins... Mini horse and his Great Dane buddy

You know you're wearing a good show shirt when all the bling makes sparkles on your horse in the sun! ;)

war horses!! Look!

This is what Im talking about! Soneone said horses don't get cold outside. I beg to differ, they are always covered up with blankets at night.

Double-decker #equines. #Fjord #mare and #foal. #horses #horselovers #equestrian

horse chimera:the bonding of fraternal twins in utero gives rise to unusual striping and brindle horses

OMG Ponies!11!!!!1!!1! (AND Goats!)....Instead of running from the hail,this sweet horse protected his little friends.awwww

Only horse people understand what this is from

i can see my horse doing this to me


MOM!!! Mare and foal.



Horse and puppy

Mare and foal

Horse Art - Love it!!

This police horse came to see his former rider in hospice – so great to see that they allowed this.