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Learning to read music was very hard at first but began to get easy with practice. Kind of like reading. You start off easy. than in due time it gets harder and harder. You to understand every word you read and comprehend how things work.

6 Five Finger Piano Pieces for Beginners

These 6 Five-Finger Piano Pieces for Beginners (with free sheet music!) are the perfect incentive to get young pianists to practice piano.

Finished Music Infographic

Finally! The Taxonomy of my Music is complete! While I’m working on my Digital Art assignments I enjoy watching my favorite TV shows. I bring this up to help you get a sense for how long it t…

How to Improve Singing- Two Simple Exercises That Will Change Your Voice

Vocal exercises are important to developing a clear singing voice. But HOW your perform these exercises matter just as much as performing them.

Body percussion cards - great composition idea! Could also incorporate rests or have eighth notes represented by two small pictures on one card.

Intermediate Music Theory - You Can Understand Music Today Discover a whole new universe behind the music you are performing in a systematic and practical way.