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Explore Incubators, Hatchery, and more! - The Video describes about Incubation process, why do we need incubators, what is the need of ventilation, various stages in hatching eggs explaining the different stages from embryo generation to a well-developed chicken.

"Egg-citing Embryology Life Science Unit

Teach your students about the development of a chick from Day 1 to Hatch Day! This unit can be completed with the use of Internet Resources of pictures and videos (the internet is full of wonderful pictures and videos) or in addition to actually incubating chicks in your classroom!

Praying Mantis Madness! {Fun & Facts about the Mantodea order}

There’s a lot more to this fascinating insect than its infamous cannibalizing ways! Did you know that a praying mantis egg case is called an OOTHECA? Or that they only have 1 ear? Packed full of interesting and unusual mantid activities, this is the perfect booklet pack to support your current praying/preying mantis unit or to provide engaging learning experiences for your early finishers…

Chicken Life Cycle Science and Literacy Activities

Life Cycle of Chicken Science and Literacy Activities (Common Core Aligned) This is a great spring unit packed with fun information and activities on the theme of the Chicken Life Cycle. This unit really delights my kiddos!

Osmosis for Kids: Blood Cell Membranes Experiment

This twist on the classic naked egg science experiment illustrates the concept of osmosis for kids in a fun and surprising way.

Learning Goal: We are learning to explain the different forms of energy we encounter every day, and to make choices about the types of energy we use.