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Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite Fruzzle's Mystery Talent by Karen Brueggema and Briana Paddock is a cute little story. Advertised as a bedtime story for 3-10 year olds, although I think my kids would have lost interest around 5 or 6, it is a cute and fun read that is as silly as it is adorable. In Fuzzleville, everyone has a special, magical talent. Until a frazzle discovers what its talent is, it remains a brown color, but once it finds the talent, they turn all sorts…

Fans of Jeffery Deaver will be thrilled with his latest offering “Triple Threat: 3 Original Short Stories.” Fans will be thrilled with the return of Kathryn Dance, a police officer with a special talent for reading body language, in 'Fast'. In this short story she is working on a case of domestic terrorism. A bomb is hidden and 200 lives are at stake. However, this suspect is unreadable so she must resort to trickery. The second story 'Game' revolves around a missing we

“Whispers from Hell” by Edward V’Kanty is an anthology of nine short horror and supernatural stories, plus the prologue to his upcoming novel “Dark Heritage”. The short stories in this collection are titillating and diverse. The first story, also called 'Whispers from Hell', is written in the form of one side of a conversation, with the reader being the unspoken counterpart. It is an interesting and unusual format for a short story, and in this case it works well.

“Very, Very Short Stories” by Mike Spears is a small collection of six very, very short stories. Several of the stories have some merit to them, but they are all similar in ending very abruptly. I realize flash fiction tends to do that; something about a word limit, I believe. However, the stories in this collection would have benefitted from, at the very least, having an actual conclusion, rather than just stopping. Having said that, let me hasten to add that these sto

Horse stories and horse racing is not something I read about a lot, so this was a very different read for me, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Washington D. C. Lawyer Dan Morgan was thrilled that his thoroughbred was finally going to run in a Grade 1 televised stakes race. What he wasn’t expecting was a con that involved his Filly, Aly Dancer, taking this story on a whirlwind of mystery, thrills, surprises and many twists and turns that will surely keep readers captivated u

“Two Short Stories” by John Kilmerstone contains two excellent short stories, which happen to be so completely different from one another that it is hard to believe the same author penned them both. First in this book is 'Alien Invasion – Life As We Knew It', followed by 'Scarlett and the Tat Revenants'. Each short story is available singly or together in this collection. 'Alien Invasion' features a unique concept, in that the aliens attack only metallic objects. Th

Martin Roy Hill's anthology, "Duty", is a compilation of short stories with the common theme of duty to one's country. The cover story 'Duty' is a tale about the mythical red button that starts the atomic war, and the soldiers who are assigned the fatal duty. Another story may remind readers of the Cold War works of John LeCarre wherein aging spies from the U.S. and Russia meet for a final swap of information. Yet another tale concerns the ghostly presence of a murdered cre

“A Rocky Mountain Christmas,” written by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone, is a story of survival along with love and betrayal set in the late 1800’s. Rebecca Robinson, former Ambassador and the country’s most admired woman, is waiting for her flight and Margaret Chambers, a news reporter, sees her and asks to interview her. As this is right before Christmas Margaret wants a specific story, one that took place many years earlier when Rebecca was a young girl

As the title suggests, "12 Anecdotes About Life" is an anthology consisting of twelve short stories that are designed to impart one lesson or another in life. The stories include 'Share and Have Some Chocolates', 'Money Can't Buy Everything', 'To Be Humane', 'Bonds with Animals', 'Being There and Letting Go', 'To Be Alive', 'Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated', 'The Power and Faith of Determination', 'Know Your True Friends- Be One', 'To Touch the Raindrops', 'Chan