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    • Ryan McGinnis

      100 unprocessed food ideas

    • Kaydee Bland

      Healthy lunch ideas from 100 days of real food. no processed foods.

    • Jane McKellips

      "Eating Clean" - 100 Days worth of Clean food.. so many recipies and easy ideas. "Real" food recipes contain no processed foods.

    • Audrey Esther

      Clean Eating - 100 days of "real food recipes... no processed food

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    Healthy eating beats all diets

    jennifer aniston

    Don't starve yourself. Eat clean and healthy foods that result in good health. Stay away from junk......and don't forget to stay hydrated with water : )

    Starving yourself makes you GAIN weight. Don't succumb to social pressure and resort to anorexia or bulimia... It won't help you in any way...

    Don't get starved to avoid getting stressed, and to further avoid belly fat. A good tip! #bellyfat #weightloss #stress #healthtip


    Don't skip meals! Your body will think it is starving and start storing the food that you do eat as FAT!

    don't starve yourself! Your tank needs fuel!

    Don't starve your body! It needs fuel to work properly!

    This! Exactly. Don't ask for the secret because I don't have a secret, I just work bloody hard and eat...then eat some more...then some more. No starving here.

    Truth about weight lifting for women!

    Lift weights.

    Lift weights

    7 Reasons why women should lift weights

    and who cares what lazy women or easily intimidated men think!!!....lift some weights

    All too often the benefits of strength training (also referred to as weight lifting or toning) are overlooked. Women especially fall into a cardio rut and forget to work on sculpting those ever important muscles. Here are 10 key reasons to add strength training to your fitness regimen. (INFOGRAPHIC)

    Lifting weights makes woman huge? False!

    Vintage weight lifting

    I wish people would get this into their heads.

    Biggest weight lifting myth... For even more fitspiration check out this female bodybuilder blog: Lift Strong Live Long ||||||====||||||| Gym | Fitness | Workout | Motivation | Inspiration | Physique | Fitspiration | Fitsporation | Female | Muscle | Hardbody | Hardbodies | Bodybuilder | Ripped | Girls with Muscle | Bodyfitness |

    #Weights #Lifting

    Weight lifting


    I don't know about you, but I'd rather weigh more (usually incorrectly stated as muscle weighs more than fat -- it's more dense than fat)

    Both are a size 4, but the right one has a low BMI while the one on the left has a higher body fat percentage. Classic "skinny fat"