I so need to watch SNL soon to see Stuart! lol

Stuart (from Mad TV) bloopers. - LOVE Stuart! ..." Look what I can do"


This is Carlos

More cowbell!

Only die hards will understand this. I WANT IT!!! There's also a good "friends quotes" shirt on this page. Who loves me enough to buy me onE?!

This made me actually laugh out loud. So gonna do this!

This is my FAVORITE quote from Cosby!

HAHA! YES!!!! need!!!

I feel the same way some days kid!

Bahahahahaha so cray cray

Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice :D

Lets drive Mom bat-shit crazy. That way, shell let us watch TV just to get a moments peace.

true statement

favorite line

Romance is tasty. @Alyssa Petrie

And this is how house cleaning goes for me....