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    • Reagan Edwards

      Recycling those broken crayons! Melt them in muffin tins for crayon cakes.

    • Marley Majcher

      Art Ideas The Party Goddess! Marley Majcher ThePartyGoddess.com #Crayon #Kids #Art #Ideas

    • Bridgette Ray

      Homemade crayons and other homemade art supplies. for little kid hands... or for a party so you can draw on the butcher paper table cloths... plus, im always into art supplies- no matter the form.

    • Deatra Smith

      crayon craft!

    • Claire

      Melt crayon bits and pieces in mini muffin tin at 265 degrees for 6-8 minutes and voila! you have fun, chunky crayons. Make in a fun shaped tin and these would make perfect & inexpensive holiday gifts alongside a coloring book!

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    My father just bought our son Billy one of these. WOW was he surpised when he got home!

    Totally just sent this to my father

    Teach your kids how to make these melted crayon art.

    Teach your kids how to make these melted crayon art.

    Teach your kids how to make these melted crayon art.

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