Andy likes CATS!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ANDY SIXX ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Click the picture of Andy and check out some more Boys In Makeup Black Veil Brides - Andy Sixx - Andy biersack - Emo - Boys -Makeup - men - bands - music - hot - scene - black -

。图楼。Fallen Angel_blackveilbrides吧_百度贴吧

。图楼。Fallen Angel_blackveilbrides吧_百度贴吧

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This... Is..... Beautiful... I have fallen for my fallen angel

Andy biersack look alike.They say on average that there's 7 people in the world that look like. Well i think that we just found another Andy! Wait this isn't Andy?


Black Veil Brides ~ Andy Biersack <--- in this he looks like Andy and Gerard had a child and this was the result XD

Andy biersack is life

Andy//"Kat now! She's in her stripper outfit "Don't you look pretty baby girl.

Nadie se resiste a esa mirada *-*

(Fc:Andy Biersack) Hey there, I'm Daemon. I guess you could say I'm a little bit of a flirt. So ladies, don't get your hopes up and don't get all pissy or whatever. I love music and I sing a bit.

Awww thanks for the rise andy

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i love bvb and the andy black progect he is doing he is amazing

Fallen Angels Coffin - homicidal-therapist: Happy Birthday to the most.

My same reaction. Like,just,WHHHHHHYYYYY?

Black Veil Brides funny xD>>>ewwwww,Justin, why?no, I never listen to Justin, I don't want my ears to bleed!

Black Veil Brides Andy, Andy Black, Andy Biersack