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#Zayn Malik ❥ wins his first AMA as a solo artist.

#Zayn Malik ❥ wins his first AMA as a solo artist.

i got this exact picture by screenshotting the video i took of him ahaha he's so cute -kaylee

zayn malik wins best new artist amas 2016 02

I cried so much when I saw that cause being the biggest Ziall shipper and seeing this made my heart melt. Zayn looked at Niall as if he never expected Niall to say hi to him after everything :(

One thing I really admire about Zayn is that he opened up about his anxiety, and in doing so brought attention to it as an issue. It doesn't get enough attention, in my opinion. Many people struggle with it, including myself. I was able to overcome much of my anxiety as a student leader in college, and in turn helped other students who had anxiety. Thank you, Zayn, for bringing attention to anxiety. Please continue to do so, as will I, so we can raise anxiety awareness everywhere.