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Baby it's cold outside #daddy #love #family #dad #daughter #baby

Cordless Drill Storage - Charging Station

Organize your tools, free plans for a DIY cordless drill storage and battery charging station. Optional drawer is great for drill bit storage.

Alan Jackson - Drive (For Daddy Gene) **This song always makes me smile and hope Bowen has these thoughts about me when he is older...**

The POTUS' last public address (Jan2017) before his last days in office.. The sweetest part of the speech ever was when tears were shed when he talked about his love and appreciation for his wife.. The love support and love of his children.. so touching....💘💖💖

Daddy’s Open Faced Hamburgers

The secret to the juiciest burgers are in my #recipe for Daddy's Hamburgers #cheeseburgers Without the bun of course

4 surgeries, my brother's suicide, & being a single mom...yep- a year can do a whole bunch. Thank God for my little one-the reason I am here

Oh my gosh YESSS<<< I have an emo heart and a dan howell aesthetic, so I wear black for the orcas, because thats racist.

+ hi, i’m michelle & tyler joseph makes me cry links | edits | apply for my net! | friends

The internet is here the internet is great when you've for lots of followers who needs a real maaate It might be anti-social but these days that is fine cuz life is so much better when you spend it all online