Tevis Cup

Ride, ride, ride!

Horse from Zorro. Trained in LA. And people say horseback riding isn't exercise...how do you think we stay on?

Beautiful day for a ride...

for all the people who hate stirrupless riding look at her. the trick is to use your calf. look at her position that is muscle work

I am one of those fortunate souls who can't seem to escape the grip of this grand passion.

If your horse is willing to jump this, he's a keeper! #crosscountry #fences #jumping #crosscountry #equestrian #riding #horses http://showquest.co.uk/

Gorgeous #creature #beauty

Endurance. Arabians are so elegant and so sturdy!

Thomas is one of the oldest horses in the Household Cavalry and is famous for giving kisses to the men of the Life Guard Squadron in his stables at Hyde Park Barracks

Looks like a painted spot on the black horse. This gives me ideas for tribal painting on an animal.

Beautiful ~~ "Bond between a man and his horse. ♥ Racehorse trainer Tommy Woodcock with his champion racehorse Reckless on the night before running second to Gold and Black in the Melbourne Cup of 1977."

Tail Lights for horses!! There are also three brightness settings: low, for group rides; medium, for solo rides, bright enough to be seen from about a half mile away; and high, a brilliant yellow strobing pattern for emergency situations....Sarah we need these!!!

Harry and Snowman! i miss riding for Harry

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what a ride. amazing. Look closely. She is AMAZING!!❤

Horse climbing the infamous Cougar Rock at the Tevis Cup 100 mile endurance ride in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

6 feet jumps, bareback and bridleless

The horses are required to move through this water to get to their food. This practice ensures hoofs stay moist. It is not like the wet/dry conditions we put up with - that is lengthy periods in mud and lengthy periods in dry, rock hard pastures.