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One pinner said:Changed my life... How to get people to stop coughing at night and sleep...ahh sleep!!! I swear by this and use it EVERYTIME!!

from mindbodygreen

Health Is Our Authentic Wealth: 7 Tips to Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

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7 tips to make a positive lifestyle change....

Cacia Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses
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Eucalyptus Oil ideas...


4 Ways To Stay Hydrated This Winter

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4 ways to stay hydrated this winter.


How To Get Rid of Canker Sores: Home Remedy

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Get rid of canker sores quickly!

from Rooted Blessings

The Ultimate Immune Supporting Bath

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Support Quick Healing with an Immune Boosting Bath 1/2 cup Epsom Salt 1 T Coconut Oil 5-6 drops of Thieves Essential Oil– I recommend Young Living or another pure and well-respected brand. Just run a warm bath and add all the ingredients. Epsom Salt and Coconut Oil are great mild detoxifiers. Thieves oil is a very helpful immune system stimulant.

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Soft Feet For The Summer - #Beauty, #Feet, #Summer

Cough Relief For Kids
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Sore Throat Relief: The marshmallow was first made to help relieve a sore throat! Just eat a few of them when your throat is hurting and let them do their magic. Good to know!

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Young Living Essential Oils: Stress

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If You Take The Time To Moisturize Your Heels And Cover Them At Night Several Times A Week You Will Be Amazed At How Soft Your Heels Will Stay Despite The Flip Flop Wearing Season.