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The Baker D. Chirico bakery in the Carlton area of Melbourne, Australia boasts an interior that is as beautiful as it is functional. The wavy walls double as cooling racks for just-baked bread. The undulating interior design was created by March Studio a

Is there anything more basic, homey and familiar than a loaf of great bread? Yet it has become a luxury. More and more of us are sick of (literally and figuratively) the white, never-to-stale sliced bread in its never-to-biodegrade plastic bag. We crave for fresh artisanal breads, natural ingredients, heritage grains, organic everything. Those who …

The Rise of The Designer Bakery

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Ble bakery Claudio Silvestrin Giuliana Salmaso Thessaloniki 03 Blé bakery by Claudio Silvestrin & Giuliana Salmaso, Thessaloniki Greece

As long as you can easily reach into the case... otherwise have smaller sections where the glass top swings open.

The design of a boutique bakery in a Sydney shopping mall reflects the luxury of the pastries which it sells.

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Wonderful shop or store display idea -- using white washed or peeled pale wood stumps for display - GREAT for a shop store bar, café, or restaurant window!