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Bernie Sanders Rolls Out 128 Celebrity Endorsements In One Day

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‘This is rape culture’: After Trump video, thousands of women share sexual assault stories

The conversation on social media was ignited Friday using after a 2005 video of Trump was leaked.

"The Holocaust was legal; slavery was legal; segregation was legal. If you use The State as a metric for ethics, you'll end up disappointed." - Lex Looper

Why do these politicians not want to protect their own state, their own families, and their own land? Because they are bought and paid for by big corporate money. They are nothing more than paid prostitutes.

You know, I've always pictured the Republican whores differently...instead of marionette strings dangling and dancing them around, it seemed far more likely that they all had billionaire puppeteer hands up their asses.

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Jeb 'Put Me Through Hell’

Jeb Bush Put Me Through Hell - If you weren't following personal rights and constitutional law back in 2000, you need to read this before he declares for President "On sustained, concentrated display, in thousands of pages of court records and hundreds of emails, was... confident, competitive, powerful, obstinate Jeb. Longtime watchers of Bush say what he did throughout the Terri Schiavo case demonstrates how he would operate in the Oval Office. They say it’s the Jebbest thing Jeb’s ever…

SHOCK VIDEO: World’s Worst Cop Admits to Quotas, Falsifying Charges, & Extorting the Poor | The Free Thought Project............... look up the word POGROM...