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    So accurate

    hahaha! Good one! YESS i thought I was the only one!

    Baby Pig


    A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labour. Shortly after she became depressed, her health declined & she was diagnosed with depression. So they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth & gave them to the tiger. The tiger now loves these pigs & treats them like her babies.

    cutest little fall puppy!


    Say what?!?!

    swimming piggies!

    Honey Badger Tea is

    The Parachute!!!

    stinkin' cute

    Mom and baby otter

    This is why I can't get off Pinterest. Ha!

    So cute it hurts.

    I do this more times than I would like to admit...


    This is HILARIOUS! hahaha "Nailed it"...sounds like me.

    just wow

    remember to give more hugs

    Teamwork. WHAT?!

    I am forcing this to be my new motto!

    Yep! And I'm pretty sure my husband will be the host of it! He hates this website as much as I hate his fantasy football website.


    This looks EXACTLY like my dog Nacho! wow, that's hilarious!! SO TRUE!