spice racks from IKEA

Stuffed Animal Idea ~ Stuffed animals in shoe organizers and hang baskets for toys from cute coat hangers.

Playroom - ikea spice rack idea

Book storage ideas


Great inspiration for kids rooms! Don't you love this cool little reading hammock in the photo. Talk about an incentive to sit down and read! #kidsrooms #homes #omaha #NebraskaRealty https://www.nebraskarealty.com/

KIDS PLAYROOM CHALKBOARD For Sale 53"x28" Huge Magnetic Kids Playroom Decor Ideas Long Rectangular Chalk board - ExTRA LaRGE Black Framed on Etsy, $224.00

Reading Corner | Back to School: Coolest Learning Spaces

Can it really be so simple? Buy plastic rain gutters from Home Depot and you have a reading corner.

Gold dot decals.

mount Ikea spice racks on dresser = instant bookshelf! What a great idea!


Buy any rain gutters from Home Depot or Lowes and BAM! Reading Corner for the kids. Awesome idea for the kids room.

She used an Ikea coffee table and oilcloth stapled to it so glue/paint/etc. wouldn't matter.

cute reading nook.

painted ikea spice racks

For those that haven’t already discovered this… IKEA magnetic knife holders to store the toy cars all over your house :) if you hang them low enough your kids will probably love to organize their cars after they are done playing. Need to do this in Mason's room!

DIY crate shelf